Red Stone Forest: Have You Understood Ren Chi?

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When you walk through a serene path, songs from pines will lead you to the shimmering water- Ren Chi. This natural pond is regarded to be an eye and also the heart of Red Stone Forest.

Why is here silent as in a quiet valley? And why could you feel something having intangible energy when you encountered Ren Chi? Yes, it is an eye of Red Stone Forest. When you see beautiful heart through her eye, Red Stone Forest would gaze back you softly as well. When golden fallen leaves kiss the water surface, you might see how Red Stone Forest flutters her eyelashes. She may also blink her eye mischievously while small fishes are playing happily on water.

Then, have you understood the beauty of Ren Chi?

All softness of Ren Chi comes from the heart of Red Stone Forest. All love of Red Stone Forest precipitated in Ren Chi are diverging to ten miles away, hundred miles away, even thousand miles away, just like a wonderful flower blooming for billion years.

In whole billion years, how couldn’t Ren Chi be so peaceful? Ren Chi is beautiful as an otherworldly place with red stones surrounding, and green grasses covering. However, fish swimming and resting, people coming and going, then seasons changing and staying, all of these things happening around Ren Chi make it livelier than only an eye of a shy girl.

Ren Chi is where you can see and feel the life of Red Stone Forest. When you are enjoying Ren Chi’s clear and sparkle, you are experiencing the unique life taste of Red Stone Forest having at the same time.

(Writer: Gao Chao)

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