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Zhangjiajie:Top 10 enchanting forests around the world

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To celebrate the arrival of the April 22 Earth Day, the vote by world-renowned American Travel website a list of the “world's top ten most charming forest” has officially released the list of first national forest park in China- Zhangjiajie National Forest Park .
According to the article published by the British Reuters wrote, Zhangjiajie is the first national forest park in China, the world geological park, also introduced the strange geological landforms of Zhangjiajie, the stunning scenery and picturesque. Zhangjiajie is the only selected Forest Park in China, is the selected one of the two forests in Asia.

It is understood that the selection of the world's most charming forest Poland bending Forest, Japanese Sagano Bamboo, Black Forest of Germany, the United States Caddo Lake, China Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, United States Yinyou of the National Forest, Poland and Belarus at the junction of the belovezhskaya Pushcha Bialowieza Forest, Australian Daintree rainforest, Monte Ward cloud forest reserve area in Costa Rica and New Zealand waipoua forest area. "Most of ten charming forest" ,from lush rainforest to the ancient forests, all kinds of wonderful landscape makes people dizzying, and showing the magical natural beauty of the Earth.


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